🚀Phase 1: Super Reward

Phase 1: Super Reward (0-1B)

With the launch of Social Staking NNS holders will get super rewards until the first 1B of NOGS are all staked.

If you want to get NOGS during this period you will need:

At least 1 NNS

This can be an NNS name: nns.xyz

Or, if you are eligible, a free Nounish Club number: nounishclub.com

To add .⌐◨-◨ to your Twitter Name

Show off your .⌐◨-◨ as your Twitter name to activate the NOGS staking.

Important: To enable Social Staking and keep it active, your NNS must be locked through our upcoming Social Staking dashboard. This means that during that period you won't be able to move it or sell it on marketplaces.

Rewards calculation

During Phase 1:

  • All the NNS tiers will be treated equally

Reason: This will avoid a short term concentration by whales who own many high tiers names and will ensure a more uniform distribution.

  • Nounish Club (1000-9999) will generate a smaller reward

Reason: Considering the free distribution of Nounish Club numbers, we decided to assign a smaller reward compared to paid tiers.

  • Nounish Club (0-999) will generate an higher reward

Reason: These numbers are for Nouns holders only. Given their nature and their rarity, we decided to assign a greater reward to them. This will also give a strong incentive to nouners to join the Noggles ecosystem.

TierDaily reward/name


20000 NOGS


20000 NOGS


20000 NOGS

Nounish Club (1000-9999)

5000 NOGS

Nounish Club (0-999)

50000 NOGS

Example 1: If you own 1 Nounish Club (1000-9999) and 3 Gold tier names you will generate 65000 NOGS every day.

Example 2: If you own 1 Nounish Club (0-999), 2 Red tier and 1 Gold tier names you will generate 110000 NOGS every day.

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