🔍How to get one


Numbers from 0 to 999

These numbers are reserved to Nouns holders. Every nouner will be able to claim the correspondent numbers of their Nouns. Ex: If you own Noun 69, you will be the only one who can claim 69.⌐◨-◨

To ensure the best safety to Nouns holders, these numbers will be sent directly to the nouners wallet upon their request. To make a request, DM our team on Twitter.

Numbers from 1000 to 9999

These numbers will be distributed across many initiatives with the goal of reaching the most decentralized allocation as possible.

Starting from Thursday 22 June, wallets of the following users will be automatically whitelisted to claim their Nounish Club:

  • Everyone who participated in the nounish communities below:

(This list will be updated as soon as new initiatives are unlocked)

If you are still not included, no worries: We will constantly include new communities and launch new distribution initiatives that will allow anyone to get in. ⌐◨-◨

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