Activity Reward

Activity Reward is a unique system designed to solve some of the biggest issues of nounish DAOs and, in the near future, also incentivise important tasks for nounish communities that don't rely on a DAO structure. (coming soon)

In particular, this reward aims to:

  • Increase participation

  • Promoting delegation

Activity Reward covers 60% of the amount of NOGS attached to your NFTs and will be gradually unlocked every time your NFT votes in its DAO.

Nouns holders need to vote 100 times to unlock their full Activity Reward.

Smaller communities need to vote 50 times instead.


NFTs owners too busy to actively participate in governance have now a strong incentive to delegate their NFTs.

This way, delegates can have the chance to participate in governance while NFT owners will automatically farm NOGS from their Activity Reward.


Here is your Lil cherry again!

This Lil has a total of 100.000 NOGS attached to it.

In this case, the Activity Reward is 60.000 NOGS.

Every time your Lil casts a vote in Lil Nouns DAO, 1/50 of the Activity Reward NOGS will move from "Locked NOGS" to "Available to Claim" until the full amount is reached.

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