Phase 1 (completed)

Phase 1 started on Jun 2023 and was officially completed 1 month before the launch of our LP crowdfunding on Party.

During this phase, around 500M NOGS have been farmed by more than 300 active holders who proliferated NNS and NOGS on Twitter.

Requirements for Phase 1 were:

  • Owning at least 1 NNS

  • Adding .⌐◨-◨ to your Twitter name

Rewards calculation

  • All the NNS tiers have been treated equally

Reason: Even if NOGS didn't even have a price at that time, this ensured a more uniform distribution among holders and eliminated the risk of whales concentration.

  • Nounish Club (0-9999) generated a smaller reward

Reason: Considering the free distribution of Nounish Club numbers, we decided to assign a reward smaller than that assigned to paid tiers.

TierDaily reward/name


20000 NOGS


20000 NOGS


20000 NOGS

Nounish Club (0-9999)

5000 NOGS

Important note:

1 year ago, both NNS and NOGS infrastructures were deeply different compared to their current state.

NOGS started as a proliferation token with no price that wasn't tradable.

NNS and governance participation within the Nouns ecosystem were the only way to get some NOGS.

The recent launch of the NOGS LP and the release of NOGS v 1.0 required a substantial update of the reward dynamics, thus paving the way for Phase 2.

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