NNS Labs

10% of the total supply will be vested and will become part of the NNS Labs treasury over a period of 36 months.

Total tokens allocated: 6,900,000,000

1.5B of these will be locked for 12 months, then 225,000,000 tokens will be unlocked every month for 24 months.

This allocation will be used to integrate NOGS in all the current and upcoming products built by NNS Labs and to incentivise their usage.

In an advanced phase, NNS Labs treasury could also be used to finance the operations of the team and contributors without the need for extra funds from Nouns.

Vesting period started with the launch of NOGS 0.1 in June 2023.

At the moment of writing (March 2023) no token from this allocation has been unlocked.

The first unlock of 1.5B will happen at the end of June of 2024.

Notes about transparency

NNS Labs is a structure built 2 years ago with the goal to create exciting products and infrastructures for the Nouns ecosystem.

We understand how important transparency around this allocation is for the stability and trust of the entire ecosystem.

That's why we will help the ecosystem to easily stay informed about any external transactions with a minimum of 1 week in advance.

We will do our best to constantly improve our methods with the growth of NOGS and its ecosystem of products.

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