Noggles Club

Noggles Club is a project born within the NOGS ecosystem that allows users to join exclusive drops every day.

Drops include NFTs, tokens and physical goods by the best builders of the Nouns ecosystem and beyond.

How to join a drop

Users can join drops by burning tickets.

There is no limit to how many tickets you can use for a drop. The higher the number of tickets used for a drop, the higher the possibilities of winning.

How to get tickets

  1. Hold $NOGS

$NOGS holders will automatically receive 1 weekly ticket every 1M $NOGS they hold.

Securing a bag of $NOGS means you will always be sure to not miss any drop of the Club.

You can buy $NOGS on Uniswap from here.

  1. Join initiatives from partners and nounish communities

If you don't have $NOGS, you can earn some tickets by joining the initiatives from our partners and other nounish communities on X and Farcaster.

How to become a partner

If you have a project and you want to get exposure into the Nouns ecosystem and reward your community, drop us a DM on X or Farcaster. ⌐◨-◨

How to create a drop

If you want to create a drop for the Nounish Club, DM us on X or Farcaster with the project you'd like to promote. We will organize and launch your drop within 48h.

Nounish projects will always have the priority in the launch pipeline. ⌐◨-◨

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